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116 views – Best Car Insurance in Michigan The cheapest car insurance in Michigan-Michigan State is not large, so for this we got no serious problems in collecting data. After making observations and then set the date as possible before doing it. From our analysis, car insurance rates in Michigan also deserted varies from one city to another as in other States. Enter here to find out the best car insurance company in New Jersey.
When going to cheap car insurance in Michigan and wonder who or which company that gave us the cheapest quote in the State, we would recommend you to consider Hastings Mutual as first choice. The company seems to charge its customers below average as a competitor.


To take one full year coverage premium package, you will only pay around $550. Indeed, that number is much cheaper when compared to the minimum rates in States such as Florida, California and the like.
We have decided to include Chubb as car insurance Michigan into a list as the second cheapest car insurance company in the State of Michigan. Based on the average level, the data show that this provider has offered a very competitive cost to us. This is about $200 more expensive than our first choice.
3 more companies with the cheapest car insurance in Michigan include; National, public and National Pioneer State Mutual. Take a look at the chart below to learn the average rate.


Pioneer State Mutual (annual rate of: $1,090)
National General (annual rate of: $1,000)
Nationally (annual rate of: $890)
Chubb Insurance Company (annual rate of: $760)
Hastings Mutual (annual rate of: $550)
The data shown above is collected based on the average price. Next we have another list based on cities in Michigan State.
Cheapest Car Insurance Michigan City-Based
Flint = Hastings Mutual ($610), Chubb ($794), Nationwide ($949).
Detroit = Hastings Mutual ($760), the Bureau of agriculture ($1,127), Chubb ($1,165).
Warren = Hastings Mutual ($599), Chubb ($680), Nationwide ($739).
Livonia = Hastings Mutual ($535), Nationwide ($730), Chubb ($746).
Lansing = Hastings Mutual ($439), Chubb ($650), Nationwide ($655).
Dearborn = Hastings Mutual ($575), Nationwide ($659), Chubb ($965).
Westland = Hastings Mutual ($535), Nationwide ($763), Chubb ($799).
Ann Arbor = Hastings Mutual ($439), Chubb ($569), general national ($625).
Grand Rapids = Hastings Mutual ($479), the Bureau of agriculture ($580), Nationwide ($610).
Sterling Heights = Hastings Mutual ($529), Nationwide ($670), Chubb ($734).
Our main choice seems to be the best in all the cities, because the company has always won the game in terms of providing cheap car insurance in Michigan. As for the second option to third.


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