Do I Need Insurance to Buy a Car

23 views – Do I Need Insurance to Buy a Car If this is your first car and you do not have car insurance, you will need it before you drive a new car off the lot. In addition, if you financed the vehicle, your lender is likely to require you to have insurance at the time of purchase.
If you already have a car insurance and you replace your car, you usually have between 7 to 30 days to tell your insurance company about the purchase. However, some policies do not extend your reach at all, you should immediately contact your new vehicle to add to your policy.
With the policy contained comprehensive and collision car insurance premiums, You for these coverages will be adjusted based on the manufacture and new vehicle model. Your liability premiums also will be affected.
Tell your insurance company about a new car in the corresponding window, if you are given a grace period to add it, or you could be driving without coverage.
Rules vary by insurance company associated addition of new cars to the automotive policy is ongoing. For example, some insurance companies provide coverage for additional cars, however you should always tell them within 30 days, while other insurance companies do not provide automatic coverage for additional cars.
When you are shopping for a new car, you also have to shop for car insurance. Even if you have an existing auto policy, it may be cheaper to insure your vehicle with a new auto insurance company. Use our car insurance comparison tool to find out the average cost of car insurance on a new vehicle.


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