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Company Overview
Hagerty Insurance is an insurance company specializing in classic car insurance and has been operating since 1991. They not only offer insurance for classic and antique cars but also sells boat insurance. The owner of the company is the classic car enthusiasts themselves, so they have the knowledge and training is full of classic vehicles. Haggerty advertises on its website that rates could reach 43% lower than the regular car drivers or “regular”.
Another interesting aspect is the Hagerty invested 10% of its profits into the classic car community through educational programs, historic vehicles and youth programs.
Hagerty insures more than 700,000 vehicles, 10,000 ships and 25,000 motorbikes worth about $19 billion. The company is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan. It also offers international insurance; classic boat and car insurance in Canada as well as class and motor car insurance in the United Kingdom. U.s. policy may be incurred through the Essential insurance company, the insurance company or insurance company’s national Mutasional United National. All insurance partner has the best Rating A.M. A (good) or better.
Better Business Bureau Rating
Hagerty Insurance to BBB file was opened in 1993. This is not a BBB accredited business but has a rating of “A +” with only five customer complaints were filed; one under the type of warranty/guarantee the type of complaints and four under problems with product/service.
It is a very low number of complaints based on the number of years the Hagerty dabbling in business (since 1991).
For most States, drivers who have been convicted of alcohol related violations, violations of excessive speed or reckless driving are not eligible for covered. The vehicle should not be used regularly to drive to and from work or school, shopping routine or daily use.
Vehicles that are not covered under the Insurance Policy Clarification Hagerty Classic include: camping vehicles, off-road vehicles or utility; everyday use vehicle, commercial vehicle, motorcycle with performance modifications, vehicles with nitrous and dune buggies. Types of vehicle insurance by Hagerty Classic Car Insurance include:
  • Antique and classic cars
  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles
  • 1980 or new vehicle
  • The modified vehicle
  • Motor Protection
  • Classic Military Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicle Retirement
  • Cartoon pictures
  • Antique tractor
  • Vintage motorbike Scoote
This vehicle is allowed to be used for the function of the Club, exhibitions, tours, fun drives or occasional meetings, these vehicles must be kept in a private structure, closed and secure such personal cellar, garage dwelling unit or dwelling place.
The Policy Plan options and features
The scope of the Guaranteed Value: the value of a guaranteed warranty option, you will receive the full value of the value of your car insurance in the event of a total loss. There is no shrink Any deductible will be deducted from the total amount paid to you because the total losses are covered.
Flexible use: there are no limits to the use of mileage fun occasionally.
  • Hargerty Plus option: this is a plan that offers emergency roadside assistance 24/7 for emergency fuel delivery, replacement tires, key, dead batteries and much more. Each towing a flatbed is lowered with ropes gently so as not to damage your classic vehicle.
  • Expert Claims Service in-house: claims are handled by qualified experts. The company offers stock of original spare parts for even the rare and hard to find replacement parts for antique cars.
  • Purchase Instant Coverage new: new vehicle closed for 30 days until $50,000.
  • Spare parts: $750 Coverage under comprehensive coverage for auto parts car.
  • Auto Show Medical Reimbursement: up to $10,000 for medical payments for you or a family member was injured when a car or other related functions.
  • The scope of the safety equipment of the Motor: $1,000 for safety clothing including helmets, leather jackets, pants and gloves.
The bottom line
Hagerty insurance guarantee only classic cars and antique, so he knew what was doing. The company offers insurance for cars and ships at bargain prices, with options for roadside assistance coverage. By using in-house claims Department on their own, the company can help reduce the cost of claims.
The company has several discounts and deals online fast and easy. Hagerty Insurance is owned and operated by fans of car collectors, so it is representatives are extremely knowledgeable about the products and services offered. Partner companies that assume all policy has a rating of A (good) or better through A.M. best.
Contact information
To learn more about classic car insurance options or to receive a quote, you can visit the web site of Hagerty Classic Car Insurance or contact 877-922-9701.


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