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The style of the new price car insurance hit the market, and this might be a game changer for car insurance cheap and affordable. Pay per mile is a relatively new trend, and it sounds, you pay car insurance based on how much you drive. In America, companies that are leading the charge is Metromile. The San Francisco company offers car insurance based on how much you drive. So, should you switch?
How Pay Per Mile Can Save You Money
Metromile believe that how much a person driving a better indicator of the likelihood of the occurrence of the accident. Thus, more than half from their level you can be based on how much you drive. This is not entirely new, Progressive introduces Snapshot back in the year 2013, the devices You connect it to your car, which is supposed to adjust Your rate based on Your driving habits.
Other companies soon followed, namely, The Hartford, State Farm, Allstate and Travelers all developing similar programs. Esurance also offers pay per mile, but only in Oregon. All theses programs have a wireless device that connects to your car to gauge how much you drive, and sometimes, how you drive.
Where it differs mostly in the price. Metromile and Esurance is the only service “pay” per mile which is true because they give you the basic level and rate per mile. Every mile is usually worth a few cents. So if you drive 200 miles per month with speeds of 5 cents per mile, you will be charged $10. The basic level, which is consistent every month, usually ranging between $20 and up, depending on the factors of insurance.


Other companies and their program a little less obvious in how exactly miles away translates to smaller levels. Their overall still has a premium price on the basis of risk pool, the traditional way of determining the price of car insurance.
You get a discount after they analyze data from your device, and consider you as a safe driver or rarely. Some programs make you restore their devices after a specified time, and your discount will be reflected on the next policy renewal.
Drivers who have switched to the pay-per-Mile Service
Those who most benefited from the pay-to-drive or pay-per-mile are those who drive less than the national average of 12,000 miles per year. Even at a few cents per mile, plus 12,000 above any base rate will make this service is very expensive.
If you use your car at least, however, go to the pay per mile service can save you a lot of money. A driver with a clean record, was able to get car insurance full coverage of less than $1,000 with monthly mileage counts are lower in Metromile or Esurance.
With other programs, you really need to drive less than 7,500 miles to see discount rates in striking you. Although some programs such as The Hartford’s, State Farm and the traveler’s gives you a 5% discount is automatic when you sign up. They all have a potential savings of up to 30%, but it seems to rarely even beyond 20% discount.
You Should Consider
For one, if you underestimate Your driving habits, you may actually ended up paying more. Customer Snapshot for example has claimed their rates actually rose because of bad driving habits.
So if you are desperate or driving in the middle of the night often you should avoid programs such as Snapshot, Drivewise and TrueLane. While Metromile will not keep track of Your driving habits, it also has some drawbacks.
For one, it operates in seven States (CA, IL, NJ, OR, PA, VA, WA). Metromile customers also complain the process claims are slow and inefficient, although is available 24/7. It follows the trend of companies who try to have a better price, but the customer service is worse.
Final Thoughts
All and all, with the use of the service car insurance pay per mile can save you a lot, but only if you are a driver who rarely. If Your driving habits are not good, you should avoid programs that track them, and finally you can raise your rates more.
If you are paying too much for the amount of encouragement, see if the company you have discounts or programs. If not, you can see if another company discounts will end up with a price cheaper than your current rate. The program pay-per-mile Metromile and Esurance will surely spread to other countries in the near future as well.


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